Your Distribution Partner?

Welcome to Homeij, bridging prominent renowned (knife) brands with the dynamic outdoor, cooking, DIY, serve and gift markets of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. As your reliable and experienced distribution partner, we understand the art of brand positioning and market introduction. We have done so for over more than 50 years, without ignoring new trends and developments. Our expertise ranges from developing thoughtful marketing strategies to active participation in trade fairs and events. We also excel in retail end, whether this is with independents or chain stores. At Homeij, we are more than just a distributor; we are the architects of your brand in the Benelux. 

Reliable partner for brand positioning in the Benelux
Expertise in marketing strategies and event participation
Consumer activation is our middle name
More than a distributor: we are brand architects

Our strengths - Mastering every aspect of Distribution and Marketing

At Homeij, we don't just provide services, we do the utmost to excel in them We offer a level of expertise and finesse that sets us apart in the B2B domain:

  • State of the Art Portal: Our online ordering system is not just advanced, it's a pinnacle of convenience and efficiency. Available 24/7, it offers an intuitive interface and exclusive access to special offers for our customers. This is where seamless ordering meets cutting-edge technology. With always the new-ins and product introductions on the front page.
  • Excellent Stock Management: Our warehouse in Den Bosch has not only expanded, it is also a testimony to our commitment to availability and speed. Stocked with an impressive range of products, we ensure rapid deliveries, making us a dependable link in your supply chain.

  • Modern and Advanced Warehouse: Our facilities are a symphony of efficiency, designed for diverse shipping needs from pallet shipment to B2B shipment to B2C dropshipping. This flexibility underscores our readiness to adapt to your unique distribution requirements.

  • Expert Team: Homeij's team comprises more than just experienced professionals. They are masters of their craft. With 6 sales addicts and 5 marketing maestros, we’re equipped to take on every distribution and promotion challenge with unmatched skill.

  • Hands-on Mentality: Our approach is not just hands-on, it's heart-in too. We work with a blend of passion, commitment, and agility, ensuring that every partnership is nurtured with a personal touch.

  • Multilingual Support: Our team speaks English, French, German, and Dutch, but we do more than just converse. We connect, understand, and engage with a broad spectrum of international partners, making every interaction meaningful.

  • Online Strategy: We have a clear and modern online strategy, focusing on maximizing brand visibility ánd profit. We understand what modern brands need online presence, and what modern customers are looking for. We aren’t afraid of ecommerce; we fathom that. At the same time Homeij will never ignore the importance of brand presence in the shopping street. The perfect on-offline balance is what we strive after.

  • With our continuous presence at international fairs and relentless pursuit of product innovation, we're not just participating in the market; we're shaping and modelling it together with our committed re-sellers. At Homeij, we don't just offer services, we deliver excellence, innovation, and reliability in every aspect of our business. Partner with us, and experience the Homeij difference!

    What Does Homeij Look for in a Brand?  

    At Homeij, we are constantly seeking innovative, trustworthy and dynamic brands to enrich our collection. Our interest lies in products related to cooking, outdoor, and lifestyle, which are not only innovative but mainly  complementary to our current assortment. We value brands that go the extra mile, with a keen eye for sustainability and a willingness to work together with our resellers towards a sustainable future. If your brand stands out with innovation and a sustainable vision, you are at the right place with us. 

    • Seeking innovative, dynamic brands in cooking, outdoor, and lifestyle
    • Appreciation for sustainability and collaboration with resellers
    • Interested in supplementary and innovative products for our assortment

    Is Your Brand Ready for the Benelux?

    Wondering if your brand is ready to make an indelible impression on the Benelux market? We invite you to explore the possibilities with us. Collaborating with Homeij means access to an extensive network, expert market knowledge, and a passionate approach to brand distribution. Contact us and let's make your brand a success in the Benelux.